Feb 14, 2012

Winter Patterns Adventure

Sweater Dress & Shirt-American Eagle
Tights, Bracelets, & Ring-H&M
Hair-Twisted then pulled back and tucked up
Soundtrack-Broken Strings by Nelly Furtado & James Morrison

Let's be honest. I'm sitting here typing and cold. Looking at this sweater, while always warm, is making me even colder. Though the patterns of the dress and tights are nice and wintery, so that helps.
This outfit was for a day of errands and shopping for dresses for the premier. While the dress and shirt don't seem conducive for easy trying-on-clothes access, they are. They come off and on in one package. And I never had to take off my shoes. Score! Who else dresses strategically for shopping? Come on, I know you do...

PS. I know you've been inundated with Valentine's ideas and some of you, like me, have no time for it. Some of you, however, are indulging in some romance (good for you). So to all of you, Happy Valentine's Day! Love you all for reading and thanks for coming to visit me here!

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