Mar 29, 2012

The Sweater Adventure

Sweater,Necklace, & Sunglasses-H&M
Nails-Polka Dots

I've previously stated, I believe, that I love this sweater. Well, it has also started acquiring nicknames. One of my brothers has decided it is a horse blanket (my other brother agreed). While some people might be offended, I love horses and therefore kinda like that nickname. I thought, I'll take it! However, my best friend is wonderful and told me she always thinks of it as my Star Wars sweater. Brilliant! Who doesn't want a Star Wars sweater they can wear in real life?! So from now on I'm calling it my Star Wars sweater. Thanks, Best Friend!
Need some references? Here:

 via Padawan's Guide


  1. I like the name The Horse Blanket but yer right looks more Star Wars-ish...I love the cape pic haha ;)