Apr 17, 2012

Wicked Adventure

Dress, Scarf, Belt, Bracelet, Ring, Sunglasses, Clutch-H&M
Shoes-Christian Siriano for Payless

This made me think of Elphaba in Wicked. But with a little less green on the arms. Granted the outfit doesn't come with the magic and trouble or (a bit disappointingly) a peppy Glinda. Does come with the fun of every time you look down and see green tights with black you think Wicked! Actually, just noticed the colorful clutch is a touch of Glinda! Wicked, indeed.

PS. If none of that made any sense either you haven't seen or read Wicked or, and this is very probable, I've been up since 3:30 am two days in a row (for work, no that's not voluntary, how silly!) and make little sense. But no apologies.

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