May 24, 2012

Hidden Pink Polka Dot Adventure

Tank top-LC by Lauren Conrad, Kohl's
Necklace-Forever 21
Sunglasses, Purse, Bracelet, Socks, Shoes-H&M
Nails-Two pinks with black bows (can't remember the exact color names)
Hair-Side crown french braid into low messy bun

Bought this tank top closer to the end of summer last year and so it hasn't gotten it's proper wearing yet. I'm remedying I love the stripes on the back with a hint of that in the pocket in the front. Not to mention the comfort. (Excuse the little wrinkles, I had been on a couple of rides by this point and sitting down for a while before that.) But the aspect of this outfit that entertained me the most were my socks. Pink polka dots! Only visible at certain times and only if you pay attention. Also, just realized that if you are wary of mixing patterns this is the perfect way to start. Brilliant!

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