Jun 20, 2012

Waterfront BBQ Adventure

Shirt-Forever 21
Dress, Bracelets, Sunglasses & Purse-H&M
Necklace & Shoes-AE
Hair-Low, one sided french braid

This has been in my stash for a bit as I wore it, like a month ago, to a BBQ festival. Mmmmm, yes, BBQ. Couldn't have been better; great food on the waterfront. When getting dressed I knew I was taking a risk by wearing something white (white-ish) to a place awash in BBQ sauce. Deep...maroon... colored...messy sauce. It's an invitation for me to wear said sauce rather than just eat it. Thankfully, I made it through the day unscathed. I may be getting better at this than I thought.

PS. Thanks, Kristen, for being my photographer!

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