Jul 17, 2012

Name Fun

Picture via Geeksugar via IMDB

And now for something completely different...
Stumbled across this today and had to share with you. I'm sure you all like your respective names. (I'm sure they are wonderful) Maybe you don't like it, I don't judge. But let's find some new ones...just because.
GeekSugar has a list of name generators to have fun with. (It's short. Don't worry, I won't distract you for that long) Some of my favorites:

my medieval name: Queen Joscelyn the Fair (how lovely)
my vampire name: Anne Raven known in some parts of the world as Demeter of Reykjavik and said "amongst fire and ice, one who is hot and cold" (I'd be scared of me)
my pirate name: Captain Charity Bonney (yes, that's Captain!)
my Star Wars name: Ankaar Anaswal-a rogue starship pilot from Fest (yay, a pilot and a rogue at that!)
my absolute favorites are from Lord of Rings:
Elven-Tódia Queen of the Noldor (best one!)
Human-Lissi Queen of Dale (definitely like this one, feel free to call me Lissi haha)
Wizard-Ilmare the Necromancer
Dwarf-Jidda of Belegost
Hobbit-Clealyan Norcross of the Bree

Now it's your turn! Have fun!

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