Aug 29, 2012

Bright Night Out Adventure

Scarf as Belt-H&M
Bracelet-Forever 21
Necklace-c/o 31 Bits
Shoes-American Eagle
Hair-Threw hair in a ponytail then into a fishtail braid. Stuck 3 flowers in.

Occasionally I remember to take some time out from work fun for just play fun. Last Friday was time to play. Night out with my closest friends, traipsing around town. Wonderful! The dress was great for everything that night with great mobility and the lovely bright color. Topped it all off with pops of color in all accessories. Summer will come to a close so I'm fully embracing the summer bright colors while I can. Guess I don't mind standing out. Probably because I'm too busy feeling so bright!

P.S. Thanks Lexi for taking the pictures!

Aug 27, 2012

Music Monday

Hello, dear readers! Keeping it short and sweet today. That would be because I've been up since 4 this morning for work. Let's enjoy some good beats.

Stimela by Wynter Gordon

Aug 23, 2012

Hollywood Bowl Adventure

Dress (as a shirt)-Cotton On
Necklace-Forever 21
Hair-Separate braids then braided together

Anytime at the Hollywood Bowl equals happiness. And good music of course. Pixar night was no exception. On top of that I was happy with ingenuity of my outfit. I love this skirt. Can't say it enough. So, of course, I took the opportunity to traipse around the hills and stairs around the Hollywood Bowl. 
Generally I've been pairing this skirt with solid colors but thought I'd try a pattern. Wearing a dress as a shirt is comfortable. Feel free to try it.

Aug 16, 2012

Casual Sunny Adventure

Hat, Vest, Necklace, Purse-H&M
Tank top & Sandals-American Eagle
Skirt-Forever 21
Hair-Fishtail braid

I felt so very laid back and Californian in this outfit. Hot summer day at the Hollywood Bowl or basically time in the sun. So I went with the sensible route and the hat came out. Feeling very proud of the sunburn I was not going to get helped me enjoy good music and wonderful company with my sis and bestie. Happiness basically.

Aug 15, 2012

Night Seafoam Adventure

Belt-vintage (hand me down gift)
Necklace & Shoes-American Eagle
Hair-Braid near the crown pinned back then a new braid started at the nape of the neck

Forgot I had these pictures in the camera. I was so happy for a summer night out with my sister, her best friend, and my best friend to see Kellie Pickler. Didn't really know her music but I'm always up for new things. It was great! I was so happy to be hanging out with my sister and our best friends. Can't ask for a better night. And when your dress swings around reflecting that happiness that is true dressing for self-expression. Didn't plan that one though.

Watermelon nails express that too. My nails started up so many friendly conversations and loads of smiles. Success!

Oh and this is the pretty picture without flash that makes it look like a fairy like place.

Aug 14, 2012


Photo from Harpers Bazaar

Well, dear readers, I'm taking time off from the normal fashion stuff today to just...I don't know, ramble I guess. Honesty time. I think I do a pretty good job of portraying myself as a fashionable, happy girl who has her stuff together. And while I am optimistic and happy most of the time I don't always have my stuff together. Not a huge surprise. Life always has it's little frustrations but mine seems so big sometimes; it's overwhelming occasionally. Obviously I'm going through one of those moments.

This wonderful frustration is my job. First things first: I LOVE what I do. I absolutely love costuming, the film industry and being assistant director. But it is beyond frustrating when I'm constantly putting everything I have into it with no sort of payoff (payoff for me is pretty simple: a steadier paycheck and belonging to the costume union, so little to ask!). I've sacrificed so much for this and have loved every minute of it (even the tough minutes). Don't know how much longer I can keep sacrificing. That's a bit depressing.

Fashion is another love, as is this blog. Posts have been a bit sparse because I've been struggling on the job front. The motivation was slow coming for the blog. I'm going to keep working hard while at the same time show you a little more of my life. Yes, my life is pretty much my job, wasn't kidding when I said I throw everything into it! There is a lovely web series that I'm about to dive into and I'm taking you along with me. I have no idea what that's going to look like so we'll find out together!

Thanks for letting me vent a little and understanding about my not-so-perfect-life.

PS. The picture has so much to do with everything in the simple fact that I stumbled across it today and just thought wow! Maybe this is what I look like when I'm feeling frustrated...or not.

Aug 13, 2012

Music Monday

Happy Monday! Ok, it's been so very hot lately. No reprieve. And so I feel like being simple and to the point. Sweet melody (and how I discovered this talented singer) to start the week...

Baby I'm a Fool by Melody Gardot

Aug 9, 2012

Flowered Heat Adventure

Necklace-Forever 21
Hair-Milkmaid braid

Please excuse the coloring of the pictures. For some reason I didn't see it on the camera. So I had fun with the coloring.

We have hit the dog days of summer, as some refer to it, here in Southern California. When temperatures are in the 100's (Fahrenheit, dear readers, I'm in U.S. after all) consistently, I need stuff that will let me move and breathe. Dress it is! Let's face it, I will generally choose a dress. It is frowned upon, generally, to go nude. Ha! I wouldn't do it even if I could, clothes are fantastic!

The hair has to be up and out of my way. I'm always up for new hairstyles, have any suggestions?

PS. London necklace in honor of the Olympics! I hope you are all getting your fill while they last...

Aug 7, 2012

Remix Adventure

Dress as shirt, skirt, shoes, scarf, flowers, bird ring-H&M
Gold ring-gift
Heart Necklace-gift
Long Necklace-American Eagle
Nails-Pink and white vertical stripes
Hair-Twisted and pinned haphazardly

Been meaning to post this outfit but somehow it kept getting pushed aside. I wore this for an impromptu Hollywood Bowl night. Literally had just gotten back from the beach (hence the sun kissed look) when I had to put an outfit together with what I had with me. (Of all times to be a light packer) Basically it was from this outfit and this one. Ended up pulling a different combo out of it and was proud because I was fast. (Accomplishment for most girls) Favorite part of the whole thing was my hair! Need to this one more often.

Aug 3, 2012

Watermelon Travels Adventure

Dress & Ring-Nectar
Belt, Necklace, & Flowers-H&M
Shoes-American Eagle
Hair-Braid at the crown then the two sides twisted and pinned in.

I've been meaning to wear this dress over and over this summer, however, I hit a bit of a snag when the bag buttonhole came undone. Like all good things that should take no time at all to accomplish it took some time. But it looks just as pretty hanging in front of my closet as it does on. It is a wonderful combination of the colors I happen to be obsessed with right now: sea foam green and pink. I'd like to tell you this obsession will eventually end...nope.

For walking around and then listening to fantastic music by Sara Watkins with the closest of friends, this whole outfit exuded happiness and summer to me. Success!

And now for the giveaway winner! The very scientific process was this: wrote the names down on sheets of paper, tossed them in a hat (a Peter Pan one to be was the first hat nearby) and then a name was picked at random (I closed my eyes for extra randomness). And the winner is: Lexi! Yay! Congratulations! Thanks for everyone who entered the first giveaway! I hope it's the first of many I can offer you, dear readers, as a thanks for reading!