Aug 9, 2012

Flowered Heat Adventure

Necklace-Forever 21
Hair-Milkmaid braid

Please excuse the coloring of the pictures. For some reason I didn't see it on the camera. So I had fun with the coloring.

We have hit the dog days of summer, as some refer to it, here in Southern California. When temperatures are in the 100's (Fahrenheit, dear readers, I'm in U.S. after all) consistently, I need stuff that will let me move and breathe. Dress it is! Let's face it, I will generally choose a dress. It is frowned upon, generally, to go nude. Ha! I wouldn't do it even if I could, clothes are fantastic!

The hair has to be up and out of my way. I'm always up for new hairstyles, have any suggestions?

PS. London necklace in honor of the Olympics! I hope you are all getting your fill while they last...

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