Aug 14, 2012


Photo from Harpers Bazaar

Well, dear readers, I'm taking time off from the normal fashion stuff today to just...I don't know, ramble I guess. Honesty time. I think I do a pretty good job of portraying myself as a fashionable, happy girl who has her stuff together. And while I am optimistic and happy most of the time I don't always have my stuff together. Not a huge surprise. Life always has it's little frustrations but mine seems so big sometimes; it's overwhelming occasionally. Obviously I'm going through one of those moments.

This wonderful frustration is my job. First things first: I LOVE what I do. I absolutely love costuming, the film industry and being assistant director. But it is beyond frustrating when I'm constantly putting everything I have into it with no sort of payoff (payoff for me is pretty simple: a steadier paycheck and belonging to the costume union, so little to ask!). I've sacrificed so much for this and have loved every minute of it (even the tough minutes). Don't know how much longer I can keep sacrificing. That's a bit depressing.

Fashion is another love, as is this blog. Posts have been a bit sparse because I've been struggling on the job front. The motivation was slow coming for the blog. I'm going to keep working hard while at the same time show you a little more of my life. Yes, my life is pretty much my job, wasn't kidding when I said I throw everything into it! There is a lovely web series that I'm about to dive into and I'm taking you along with me. I have no idea what that's going to look like so we'll find out together!

Thanks for letting me vent a little and understanding about my not-so-perfect-life.

PS. The picture has so much to do with everything in the simple fact that I stumbled across it today and just thought wow! Maybe this is what I look like when I'm feeling frustrated...or not.

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