Aug 7, 2012

Remix Adventure

Dress as shirt, skirt, shoes, scarf, flowers, bird ring-H&M
Gold ring-gift
Heart Necklace-gift
Long Necklace-American Eagle
Nails-Pink and white vertical stripes
Hair-Twisted and pinned haphazardly

Been meaning to post this outfit but somehow it kept getting pushed aside. I wore this for an impromptu Hollywood Bowl night. Literally had just gotten back from the beach (hence the sun kissed look) when I had to put an outfit together with what I had with me. (Of all times to be a light packer) Basically it was from this outfit and this one. Ended up pulling a different combo out of it and was proud because I was fast. (Accomplishment for most girls) Favorite part of the whole thing was my hair! Need to this one more often.

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