Aug 3, 2012

Watermelon Travels Adventure

Dress & Ring-Nectar
Belt, Necklace, & Flowers-H&M
Shoes-American Eagle
Hair-Braid at the crown then the two sides twisted and pinned in.

I've been meaning to wear this dress over and over this summer, however, I hit a bit of a snag when the bag buttonhole came undone. Like all good things that should take no time at all to accomplish it took some time. But it looks just as pretty hanging in front of my closet as it does on. It is a wonderful combination of the colors I happen to be obsessed with right now: sea foam green and pink. I'd like to tell you this obsession will eventually end...nope.

For walking around and then listening to fantastic music by Sara Watkins with the closest of friends, this whole outfit exuded happiness and summer to me. Success!

And now for the giveaway winner! The very scientific process was this: wrote the names down on sheets of paper, tossed them in a hat (a Peter Pan one to be was the first hat nearby) and then a name was picked at random (I closed my eyes for extra randomness). And the winner is: Lexi! Yay! Congratulations! Thanks for everyone who entered the first giveaway! I hope it's the first of many I can offer you, dear readers, as a thanks for reading!


  1. gorgeous outfit!

    1. Thanks so much! I appreciate your comment :)

  2. THANK YOUUUU!! :0) I won!! VERY cool!! I'm beyond excited- I will have to take a pic of me wearing the said necklace!! It's only fitting for your blog!! Thanks again- what a wonderful surprise!!
    Lexi :0)