Sep 25, 2012

Political Machine Adventure

Tank top, Skirt, Pink Bracelets-American Eagle
Belt, Blue Bracelets and Hat-H&M
Wood Bangles-Nectar
Hair-Low braid to the side

It's here, finally! I have been working with some great people on a web series. Now episode 2 is up! Been saving the pictures of the outfits from set for the days the episodes air. Let's see if I can be patient enough for that. 
As it has been so warm, dressing for work is a little more challenging. Running around doing costumes and being 1st assistant director, I need to be ready for anything. I need to be able to move and be versatile but then stay cool. I also love this skirt! The ruffled layers are so bouncy I can't help but be happy.
So Political Machine is a wonderful comedy. Please go watch and subscribe for new episodes.

Behind the scenes photo:

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