Sep 7, 2012

Work Day (or Watermelon) Adventure

Tank top & Bracelet-American Eagle
Skirt-Forever 21
Belt-don't remember
Hair-Game of Thrones inspired braids (directions here)

I'm a little behind but this was for a day of costuming on set at the Orpheum! Such a wonderful day! Such a hot day. I needed to be able to move but also survive the heat (which is why my hair looks battle worn). Having the skirt move around me added extra breeze too (at least that's what it felt like). Getting to do what I love, wear a fun outfit, work with one of my favorite people, and get to meet new ones...great!

...also the Orpheum is gorgeous! I love old theatres

P.S. Look how cute fellow costumer and new friend Ramsay is! Had to share her bright colors too. Thanks Ramsay! And thanks to Emilyna for taking my pictures for the day!

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