Oct 18, 2012

Dapper Adventure

Necklace-American Eagle
Shoes-Jessica Simpson

I found out there is a fantastic thing called Dapper Day at Disneyland. It's unofficial of course. But people dress up in retro styles, all kinds. The most popular were 40's and 50's (that I saw). Some really great style (and some not so much, but that's ok!) I found out about this event a little to late to put anything a little more complicated. So I went for 60's. Mod dress, a bit of volume in the hair and cat eyeliner. Conveniently, already had these. 
And now, let me introduce you to one of my sisters! 

Shirt-Forever 21
Shorts-American Eagle

This is Lauren. She and I threw an outfit together for her as well. Hers a little more modified "League of Their Own" movie especially with the shoes. Walking around all day one needs comfort. She says these shoes are super comfortable. I wouldn't mind trying these out eventually.

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  1. Hey Thanks for introduction :)
    These shoes are the best!!! Once you try on the shoes you will find the comfort is AWESOME!!!