Oct 30, 2012

Day at the Races Adventure

Dress & Shoes-American Eagle

These pictures somehow got lost in the shuffle. A little bit ago I went to opening weekend of the races with my sister. I love being around the horses. I, however, do not understand the betting part entirely. I sat there googling what the numbers meant and while informing my sister what I was learning, received many strange looks from the guys around me. They obviously knew all about the process. No, I didn't win. But I was so close! Rather, my horse was so close!
Thoughts for dressing for the races. Classy and a hat. Following that, this outfit came out of my closet. There were ladies with hats but they were in the nicer section. So I classed up the regular section. One day...and to prepare for that day I tried on an extremely large, fun, pretty, and expensive hat. (See below)

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