Oct 31, 2012

Masquerade Halloween Adventure

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Shoes-Steve Madden
Rings-H&M & Claire's
Hair-Curled in tight spirals. Take one section at the top of the head and put it into a tiny bun. Tease the rest of the hair on top then smooth the teased hair over the mini-bun (conveniently covering it). Gather the rest of the hair into one twist and let the rest hang loosely. Pin. Then re-curl any droopy ones.
Nails-Essie in Mademoiselle and Revlon in Valentine

Happy Halloween! Advantage of celebrating the weekend before Halloween means I have pictures for you on the day. Also I don't have to worry about partying the night before work (as tomorrow I have to be up by 4:30 in the morning this is an extremely good thing). 
I went as a nearly headless masquerader. Why nearly headless? Well, one cannot actually take off their head and still live...hence, nearly headless. While I loved the whole costume I was immensely relieved the dress did what I wanted. It's always a gamble for me when I sew something. It was lovely to have such a regal look (complete with billowing skirts when I walked) and then make it a bit darker than normal. Of course I had help getting into the dress. Thanks Bestest Friend! One of the many perks of partying with your best friend. A zombie one at that! To keep up from last year here is one of us. I was missing the other Bestie though... still a fun Halloween night!

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