Oct 16, 2012

Sunset/Sunrise Adventure

Shirt, Bracelets-H&M
Shorts-American Eagle
Sports Bra-Target
Hair-Braids wrapped around my head
Nails-Green Apple Mint by Essie with Sally Hansen Crackle Polish

No no, dear readers, I didn't stay up for sunset or sunrise like the title might lead you to think. Just my shirt did. I can't decide whether my shirt depicts the sunrise or sunset. Suggestions, dear readers? The blue shorts made me think of the ocean. Sunset/sunrise over the ocean. Mission accomplished.

I'd like to say this outfit went along with a wonderful day. But it didn't. Sometimes, you discover that people and projects you work on (by you I mean me) are not...well, pleasant. When I find myself frustrated by such things/people I seem to make sure that I dress in outfits that make me happy. (I don't even think about it sometimes, just happens) Sunsets and sunrises over the ocean always make me happy. It's perfectly lovely to walk around with an outfit that represents that.

P.S. Note to self and readers let's try to remember to cut the tags off sheer materials