Oct 11, 2012

Twirly Mint Adventure

Dress, Belt, Flowers, Bird Ring-H&M
Blue Bracelets-Asos
Green Stone Bracelet-Gift
Silver Bracelet and Necklace-American Eagle
Hair-Twisted and pinned up

Summer is winding down (it's fine by me that it does because of course it asked my permission). I've got some leftover outfits from summer and it's time to post.
Normally I wear a long tank or long dress under this but for this day (a good hypothesis would have something to do with heat) I wanted a little more edgy. Too edgy is not my style, but just enough of it is. Leaving it open-backed was my edgy for this dress. Then countered with the twirly skirt and gentle "Downton Abbey" inspired hair. Lovely.

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