Jan 22, 2013

McQueen Inspiration

Fashion collections are, often times, beautiful but not necessarily practical in cost and style. While it would be fun to go through my day in huge tulle dress it just won't happen. So what to do with the collections? Two options: stare longingly at it, then promptly forget it or save the particularly inspiring ones (Pinterest if you don't care that everyone sees it or your computer so you can surprise people with your fashion-forward creativity) and create something that fits you. It might not be a hit every time but that's ok, keeps you on your toes. 
Let's take a look at one such collection, Alexander McQueen Pre-Fall 2013

Pictures via Vogue.com

 I don't know how and when these pieces will influence my outfits but they will. It's an elegant, streamlined, with a twist of Baroque influence style. Basically, things that my style gravitates towards (at least for right now). 

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