Jan 30, 2013

Working and Coyotes Adventure





Dress & Leggings-H&M
Vest-American Eagle
Scarf-Forever 21 (gift from Best Friend)

It was a beautiful day of filming today. One where it was cold unless you were in the sun. One where the expanse of soft grass was so inviting for a nap (no, I didn't take one. I was working after all). One where I needed to bundle up because, per usual, I get cold. Fast. It's basically my Monday (my work week starts on Wednesdays) and the two C's were at the top of the list. While I'd like it to be calm and charm I was plenty happy to settle with Cute and Comfortable.

P.S. After working around the natural wildlife around, I took a break before driving home to take these pictures. At that moment there was a coyote scavenging around right by me. Did it phase me? Nope. Taking pictures with a coyote roaming around me just a few steps away means he thought what a weirdo and I thought oh well, hi coyote!

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