Feb 8, 2013

Night Out Adventure




Shirt-(Very Old) Old Navy
Shoes-LC by Lauren Conrad, Kohl's
Nails-3/4 of the nail in deep red and 1/4 in pale pink
Hair-Curled and worn down

Most of the time my life consists of working and relaxing (read that as trying to catch some sleep). Occasionally I remember to be young and go out into the night life. This was for one such night with the Bestest (thanks for taking the pictures!). Nights out with a best friend are always fun plus we love getting dressed up and throwing on those heels. I didn't fully commit to heels as much as wedges because there was to be loads of walking around involved. Practical. The flouncy pleather skirt lends to a bounce in my step whether I'm in heels or wedges so that makes up for any absurd practicality ideas I had before.

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