Mar 14, 2013

Layering Party Adventure






Scarf & Turtleneck-H&M
Vest-American Eagle
Skirt-Forever 21
Tights & Purse-Target
Hair-High ponytail split in two, wind both sides in a bun going in different directions

One of the benefits of having a style blog is the fact that it makes me stop and realize how different things can be from week to week for me. Most of the time I'm running around too busy to notice that just last week it was raining and cold and now it's clear and hot. So, obviously this outfit is from last week (and weeks before that). I've been loving this combo this winter. The tights under the skirt is a bit unexpected and colorful. Sometimes my legs decide they are bored with pants. Mostly, I just really like tights. Now that I see the outfit, it is decidedly an eclectic mix of feminine (skirt), tough (boots), and winter layers (vest). That's the way to use everything! And now I'm ready for spring...

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