Mar 7, 2013

Winter Color Adventure





Sweater, Dress as a skirt, Necklace, Purse, Tights-H&M
Shoes-Gift (Jessica Simpson)
Hair-Snake braid into side ponytail

Well, I'm so behind on posts! So many pictures and haven't used them yet. Can't let them go to waste though. 
Thankfully color is in because I find myself looking into my closet and thinking that since it's winter I should stick to dark colors then color happens. As I acknowledge the dark colors, my hand seems to pick out color. I end up looking at the finished product thinking that apparently my love of seafoam green, mint, and pistachio might never go away. That's ok. It's love after all. Next I fully give in and bring out the colorful clutch. Toss in the quirky tights and a winter outfit that people might think boring becomes fresh, colorful, and different. 
So what did we (ok, ok mostly I mean me) learn from this? Be different, creative, but still put together. 

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