May 13, 2013

Time to Work Out: Squat Challenge


We all know that exercise is healthy. While my main focus for the blog has been fashion, I also want to include other aspects of life that make us well-rounded (been meaning to add this for awhile).
Being an athlete all my life and a coach for another part of it, I have gathered a good knowledge of different exercises and workouts but am always looking for more. I came across this one and I'd like to ask you/challenge you to do the squat challenge with me! I started today but feel free to start in the next couple days as well (just keep track of when you start). It's a 30 day challenge and it's going to help tone and help get ready for summer (bikini season). Eventually, I'll get to doing pictures and explanations of how to do the exercises but for now follow this link for how to do a proper squat. Remember, don't let your knees go over your knees and keep your weight in the heels not the toes. Throw on some fun music and you'll be done in no time! Let's get working!

Day 1: 30                                                       Day 16: 80
Day 2: 50                                                       Day 17: 50
Day 3: 75                                                       Day 18: 125
Day 4: 60                                                       Day 19: 50
Day 5: rest                                                      Day 20: rest
Day 6: 60                                                       Day 21: 145
Day 7: 90                                                       Day 22:80
Day 8: 50                                                       Day 23:40
Day 9: 45                                                       Day 24: 100
Day 10: rest                                                    Day 25: rest
Day 11: 120                                                   Day 26: 75
Day 12: 40                                                     Day 27: 50
Day 13: 75                                                     Day 28: 150
Day 14: 50                                                     Day 29: 95
Day 15: rest                                                    Day 30: 175

Picture: A Knockout, 1939 by Gil Elvgren via

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