Jun 28, 2013

Summer Blazer Adventure





Jacket-gift (Kohl's)
Shirt-gift (Forever 21)
Shorts-American Eagle
Bracelets & Belt-H&M
Shoes-LC by Lauren Conrad, Kohl's

I stood in front of my closet before a casual summer night work meeting trying to decide what to wear for a long time. I really wanted to go with a shorts and blazer outfit and couldn't decide on which color combination was fun, but still serious. This is because everything depended on my outfit. Nope, it didn't. It's really just an idea of an outfit that stuck. It might be a business on top and party on bottom outfit? Or a great way to stay cool in the heat.

Jun 26, 2013

Tea Time Adventure

Dress-Cotton On (then I made some modifications)
Ring & Belt-H&M
Bracelet-Forever 21

What to do when you are heading off to a summer birthday tea...dainty dress and heels are only fitting. I use any excuse to put these together, of course. I thought about wearing a hat. I really wanted to follow those thoughts but I thought it might be overkill. I was right, it was too hot for a hat. The tea place, while very good, was sweltering. That could have been due to the two pots of tea I guzzled down...in ladylike fashion. If I had a fascinator, though, I definitely would have worn that! Nevertheless, it was a sweet and well-hydrated day.

Jun 24, 2013

Music Monday

Hello, dear readers! How's the exercise challenge going? I must admit it's not nearly as difficult as I thought. However, we are only just over a week into it so that might not mean anything. And now it's time to start the week off with Coldplay...as puppets.

Life In Technicolor ii by Coldplay

Jun 21, 2013

Summer Ease Adventure






Shirt-my dads old shirt
Shoes & Necklace-American Eagle
Hair-Twist from the top back and then into a french braid

Nothing says summer night cool to me like shorts and a slouchy sweater or long sleeve shirt. There are plenty of other outfits that work for this but outfits like this ooze comfort and ease to me. Since summer is all about enjoying the long days and slowing down (granted it's sort of forced to slow down because it's too hot to go fast) why not have an easy outfit? What about hairstyle? Same thing. Thank you braids. Maybe some would say it's lazy. I say it's embracing summer's mentality.

Jun 17, 2013

Music Monday

Happy Monday, dear readers! Ok, so my official start day for the push-up/crunches challenge is today. So sorry to those of you who may have started last week. It just didn't work out for me. But keep going and I hope it's going well! I was thrown a couple of random projects last week and they have been taking up my time. Probably more time that I should be allotting to other things. One involves writing and that makes me happy and excited! So now to balance the writing with the costuming. And that was the quick update.

As for the song this week...this is a bit of a departure from Jamie Cullum's original sound and I still love it. I may or may not have had it on repeat for like 10 minutes last week.

Everything You Didn't Do by Jamie Cullum

Jun 14, 2013

Southwest Summer Adventure


Dress-Cotton On
Purse, Necklace, & Ring-H&M
Hair-Gather a section at the top of your head and pull to one side then do a regular braid.

You know when you think you have more time than you actually do? All week that has been my case. Don't get me wrong, this is not a new occurrence. But normally it ends up being one or two days a week. Not every single day. Does this mean that when I'm old I will have no concept of time. Actually will even matter by then? Hope not! As for the fashion, let's name this summer southwestern style. The print mixed with the shoes and ring made me feel that all day. Even if I am not actually in those places.

Jun 11, 2013

Exercise Challenge Sequel

How was last month's squat challenge? Did you conquer it? I found doing the squats relatively simple and easy to do. Not easy? Remembering to do it daily! So let's try it again, shall we? This time though we will work on our upper body. Have to balance it out. This is a push-up and crunches challenge. If you didn't do the squat challenge last month, or if you want to do it in conjunction with this one visit here. The first number listed is for crunches and the second is push-ups. Again, this one builds up as you progress so don't worry about the numbers. Before you know it it'll be easy to do the higher numbers. We start tomorrow, Wednesday! Have fun!

Day 1- 40/10                                                      Day 16- Rest
Day 2- 45/10                                                      Day 17- 120/30
Day 3- 50/10                                                      Day 18- 125/30
Day 4- Rest                                                        Day 19- 130/30
Day 5- 55/15                                                      Day 20- Rest
Day 6- 60/15                                                      Day 21- 145/35
Day 7- 65/15                                                      Day 22- 150/35
Day 8- Rest                                                        Day 23- 155/35
Day 9- 80/20                                                      Day 24- Rest
Day 10- 85/20                                                    Day 25- 180/40
Day 11- 90/20                                                    Day 26- 185/40
Day 12- Rest                                                      Day 27- 190/40
Day 13- 105/25                                                  Day 28- Rest
Day 14- 110/25                                                  Day 29- 200/45
Day 15- 115/25                                                  Day 30- 200/50

Jun 10, 2013

Music Monday

New week and it's time for new exercise challenge! But we'll cover it tomorrow. Let's start the week with a sweet but sad song. I rarely listen to this song just once when it comes on.

The Wind Blows by The All-American Rejects

Jun 4, 2013

Blood Donation Adventure

Dress as a skirt-Asos
Shoes-Christian Siriano for Payless
Necklace-Forever 21
Bracelets & Clutch-H&M
Hair-Two twists on each side wound into a mini bun

Let's be honest, one does not normally dress up to donate blood. I like to keep it classy. Actually, it just happens that I generally donate at my church's blood drives. I'm conveniently dressed up for it. I then gain a great accessory for the day, the bandage of a blood donor. Helping others is fantastic. I have hit my 3 gallon mark! If you've never given blood, I highly recommend it! It's one of the easiest ways to give back and help others. If you have a fear of needles or blood please know that it's not that bad. You never have to see it and if you tell the nurses they are very helpful about it. 

Jun 3, 2013

Music Monday

Hello, dear readers! June has started and summer time (in my books) is officially in full swing. The full swing of June gloom in the mornings. Here's the thing though, I love it. A reprieve from the coming heat. I don't mind. That is the random thought for the day.

I Could've Been Your Girl by She & Him

P.S. Watch for the fashion in this video. Everyone looks so cute!