Jun 4, 2013

Blood Donation Adventure

Dress as a skirt-Asos
Shoes-Christian Siriano for Payless
Necklace-Forever 21
Bracelets & Clutch-H&M
Hair-Two twists on each side wound into a mini bun

Let's be honest, one does not normally dress up to donate blood. I like to keep it classy. Actually, it just happens that I generally donate at my church's blood drives. I'm conveniently dressed up for it. I then gain a great accessory for the day, the bandage of a blood donor. Helping others is fantastic. I have hit my 3 gallon mark! If you've never given blood, I highly recommend it! It's one of the easiest ways to give back and help others. If you have a fear of needles or blood please know that it's not that bad. You never have to see it and if you tell the nurses they are very helpful about it. 

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