Jul 29, 2013

Music Monday

Hello dear readers! I have to give you fair warning that I've started a new project. I'm happy and excited about it! But it may mean that the posts may be sporadic. But I'll try not to let it happen.

How To Be A Heartbreaker by Marina & the Diamonds

Jul 26, 2013

Morning Coffee Adventure

Shirt & Pink Bracelet-H&M
Dress as skirt-Asos
Seafoam Green Bracelet-Gift
Hair-Lace braid
Nails-Watermelon Nails

Color. Color. Color. I think, in this outfit, that no one could accuse me of being boring or morose. Morning coffee with a good friend to start the day is always happiness. Some people like to follow trends or, well, loads of other reasons. I adhere to the "look good, feel good rule." There is nothing wrong with an ever-changing style and dressing for how you feel. So go ahead, have fun with fashion!

Jul 25, 2013

Cool Breeze Adventure


Shirt-American Eagle
Skirt, Necklace, Purse, Hat-H&M
Belt-I think it went to an old shirt? Can't remember
Hair-Fishtail Braid

Modified red, white, and blue. I didn't plan it. I think that means patriotism to my core. Yay! Lately my jobs have included loads of driving and I need to stay cool in my car. My poor air-conditioning sometimes has to work hard. This skirt seems to have it's own ventilation system when walking around. Bonus! I believe this is called making it work. It is one I have become good about and keep practicing (inadvertently) all the time. 

Jul 22, 2013

Music Monday

Hello, dear readers! I know it's Monday but I feel like tomorrow actually is. My work week starts tomorrow so I guess I can't help it. This next gig is going to be one of those that I just know is going to be difficult to get through. Five days, here we go!

Silenced By The Night by Keane

Jul 15, 2013

Music Monday

Hello dear readers! This music post also will have a bonus. New music from a favorite band and a kickstarter for a stop-motion animation film!

Miss Jackson by Panic! At The Disco

So this kickstarter is for a friend of mine. They have been pretty successful, I'd say. But any little bit can help. For those of you out there who enjoy stop-motion animation keep an eye out for this film!

Jul 12, 2013

Fashion Meeting Adventure






Top-Candies, Kohl's (gift)
Skirt, Bracelets, Necklace, Ring, & Headband-H&M
Purse-Fossil (gift)

Meetings combined with the heat mean getting creative with the outfit. Stay cool and have fun. The skirt is a bit warm and heavy so I stayed light on top. Top it with the classy purse that can fit all the "business" papers and computers. I can't help it but this purse always puts me in the business mindset. And then the flare of the skirt keeps the fun in my mindset too. 

Jul 10, 2013

Library and a Trend Adventure





Shirt-Forever 21 (gift)
Skirt & Sunnies-H&M
Sandals, Purse, & Sports Bra-Target

Summer time heat made me a little more adventurous, yesterday, to embrace a trend. Sheer is all over the place right now. I'm in the middle of research for a project and a book that I needed was at a college library. Headed to a college...embrace sheer.. Isn't this a normal thing that goes together? Oh and I know you've been seeing this purse a lot but I'm obsessed. Surprisingly, the bright pink goes with a lot. Or, at least, I make it go with a lot.

Jul 8, 2013

Music Monday

Happy Monday, dear readers. I could ramble but let's just enjoy some classic music. Well, classic from when I was a toddler maybe? Always loved it.

Invisible Touch by Genesis

Jul 5, 2013

Sale Time

There are loads of fashionistas out there who don't have think about price. But there are loads of us who do. I'm one of them. So from now on I'm going to try to help out and let you know about sales. (whenever I remember to) We enjoy fashion but the wallet doesn't have suffer too much for it.

Jul 4, 2013

Simple Fourth of July Adventure

Dress & Bracelet-American Eagle
Necklace-I'm blanking right now and can't remember at all!

Happy Independence Day to my American readers! To those that aren't, happy day anyways! Most years I seem to fully indulge in the red, white, and blue. But this year I was feeling a simpler version of it. I relied on my accessories to help me celebrate. The belt is perfect for this day and it was my central point. This could be all because I had a relaxing day planned, topped off with watching the fireworks from the pool. So simple seemed to be the theme of the day. I hope your Independence day was filled with fun and celebration, dear readers!

Jul 1, 2013

Music Monday

Happy Monday, dear readers! I'm currently in the middle of a heat wave. The days of 100 degree (and over) weather make it difficult to do things quickly. Any of you experiencing this as well? And the heat makes me keep things brief. So yay heat?

People Like Us by Kelly Clarkson